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Bikini Body Class


Bikini Season is Near Here
And its time to get Bikini Body Ready!!

Welcome to another class by Sparkling Skincare by Amethyst.
This class is another addition to the Stay At Home: Facial & Skincare Virtual Class

Each month Amethyst's brings something new to your skincare learning.

In this class we will target your post waxing & shaving bikini concerns, as well as over all body care
* Bikini Bumps, Ingrown Hairs, Folliculitis
* Dark Spot (Hyperpigmentation)
* Chafing due to skin friction
* Over All Body Class

As with all my classes, this Live Zoom class registration will come with a kit.
This kit includes FREE SHIPPING

- Join Live Zoom Class
- Recorded class to watch later
- Learn some ever lasting body care tips
- Follow along with me bikini facial instructions (no need to have your camera on)
- Sample Size PFB Products & FREE SHIPPING
- ** Learn about the Belle 51 Soley Laser & JUA-85 Automated Microneedling System
Belle 51 is the first Beauty Tech company to be concerned with specific skin issues of Black and Brown communities. Belle 51 technology can be used in the comfort of your home.

Sample Size products from PFB Vanish
1. Liquid Luffa
2. Bikini Mask
3. PFB Vanish
4. Lumen8: Skin Brightening & Dark Spot Correcting Cream with Chromobright
5. Skini Cream

For questions please reach out to Amethyst
714 823 9667 (call/text)